Pattern Media Ltd now working with Lead Generation Canada

Nathan Dickerson from Pattern Media Ltd is now working in partnership with Ken Flanders from New Business Navigators to offer online lead generation services and consulting through Lead Generation Canada. Does your business need a lead generation system or marketing strategy? We can help. Visit Lead Generation Canada to learn more about online lead generation strategies and contact us to see what we our vast experience in sales, marketing and technology can do for your business.


System Administration & Website Migration

Do you have a website that needs to be upgraded? Do you have a website that needs to be migrated to another server? No problem.

Pattern Media Ltd has experience with the entire LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) stack. We are experts at web migration and systems administration. We can provide you with a quote for your administration and migration project. Contact Us!

Custom Web Software Solutions

Do you have an idea for a new software product or have an existing product that needs modification or maintenance? We can help.

Pattern Media Ltd has completed a wide range of web software solutions specializing in , but not limited to, PHP and MySQL.

From complete application and database development to difficult algorithms and bug fixes, Pattern Media can help you out. We offer software services by the hour so contact us with your requirements today, you won’t be disappointed.

Ecommerce Solutions

Does your company need an online store? No problem.

Pattern Media Ltd provides Ecommerce Solutions. We can design and implement an Ecommerce solution for you with a variety of technologies.

We can also help you upgrade and optimize your existing online store. We specialize in ZenCart and Volusion but have experience with a range of ecommerce solutions and are not limited to specific solutions.

Using website analytics, we can also optimize the conversion process using statistical analysis working to identify areas in your user-experience that can be optimized resulting in more conversions and sales. You would be surprised what can be done to optimize your sales.

Contact us with your requirements today.

Website And Blog Creation

Does your company need a website? We can help.

Pattern Media Ltd provides website creation services utilizing the wordpress content management system.  We will work with you one on one to come up with a idea, design and layout for your project. We also provide content and writing services, training, optimization, management and hosting.

We can also provide analytics consulting to allow you to track and optimize your online visitors and traffic sources to meet the goals of your website.

We have completed many projects and can provide many examples of our work. Please contact us for more information and examples.

Backlink Removal Services

Has your website lost ranking or dropped from Google? Have you received a bad link warning message in Google webmaster tools? We can help.

Pattern Media Ltd is now proud to offer backlink analysis, removal and reporting services.

Utilizing our backlink analysis product,, we now provide a complete service for collecting and analyzing your backlinks, identifying backlinks that are candidates for removal, working to contact webmasters to have those links removed and producing full reports and a list of backlinks to use with the Google disavow links tool.

Our team will work with you, one on one, during this process and you will be informed and involved all steps of the way in exactly what we have done for you.

To learn more about the backlink removal service, please visit or contact us directly.