The following is a list of some of our web properties. We haven’t included everything here but feel this is enough to allow you to assess our capabilities.

Description: Welcome to the Brewing Knowledge Base. This site is the go to resource for everything brewing related. If you are just starting out in the hobby or if you have been brewing your own beer for years, this site has something for everyone.
Link: http://www.brewingkb.com
Description: Welcome to Truthed. Truthed is dedicated to those of us who have a profound desire to learn more about issues that are unknown, little known, or those that have just never seemed quite right.
Link: http://www.truthed.com/
Description: Latte Art Pictures and Photos Community. Browse, Upload, Rate, and Discuss Latte Art Pictures
Link: http://www.ratemyrosetta.com/
Description: Cool Cases Canada is your one stop shop for all of the latest and greatest mobile phone cases, including the coolest new cases for iPod Touch, iPhone, and Blackberry.
Link: https://coolcases.ca/
Description: Text Canada allows you to send free SMS text messages to cellular phones in Canada, USA or the UK. You may also receive incoming text replies.
Link: http://textcanada.ca/
Description: Fluctu8 is your source for finding audio and video podcasts online.
Link: http://www.fluctu8.com/
Description: Price Of Silver aims to be the best silver resource online – your one stop portal for silver prices, news, links and research resources.
Link: http://priceofsilver.org/
Description: Nostradamuspredictions.org is an unrivalled resource discussing a wide category of visions penned in the quatrains of the French “seer.”
Link: http://www.nostradamuspredictions.org/
Description: Jellyfish Facts is the source for Jellyfish information on the Internet. Jellyfish facts provides information about jellyfish, helping people to understand these beautiful and interesting creatures.
Link: http://www.jellyfishfacts.net/
Description: Blood Sugar Monitors hopes to act as a guide in your search for the right blood glucose monitor to help manage your diabetes.
Link: http://bloodsugarmonitors.net/
Description: Indian Cooking Guide is your source for learning about Indian Cooking online.
Link: http://indiancookingguide.com/

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